Vokta offers these services and more, on negotiation. So, if you are interested on how one or more of our skills can help you – Get in touch

The Process:

Think Tank – Client Briefing
The entire creative process is based on this session in which we will determine the most adequate solution and lowest cost for your creative project.

Concept Mapping – Project Planning
Vokta is serious about the substance of your work and the strength of it’s concept. Detailed concept direction is vital to the Vokta creative process.

Preliminary Drafting – Prototyping
Individuality is a vital ingredient in any of our work. Your own personal style is being represented and as such needs to have it’s foundations tested.

Flavour Review – Client Feedback
Vokta believes flavour should be individual for every client. Review sessions are held on demand as to maintain the clarity of your project.

Fine Tuning – Final modifications
After drafting and review a project will undergo the Vokta distillation process where only the essential components will be compiled and assembled.

Packaging – Completion
The project will be completely handled by vokta until bottled and shipped. Monitoring will continue to guarantee client satisfaction.