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The two men behind Vokta are here to give their best and exercise their strengths in Design and it’s application to bring about “Clean Crisp Design” …resulting in… “Premium Malt Media“.

If you haven’t guessed already our corporate identity is reflective of the immaculate and clear nature of vodka. We understand that this may distract our clients and deter some would be clients, but in a world where a design firm is fighting for mind space against others offering similar services, standing out is essential.

We here at Vokta believe that fun is essential in design, we live for the thrill to approach each design issue with an open mind and an inclination to learn more about ourselves and the relationship existing between the brief and the created object(s).

We are proudly based in Newcastle NSW Australia, and aim to please the local demographic, but if you are interstate or inter continental we are more than happy to facilitate your needs with our talented team spread as far as London & Los Angeles.

We will attempt any brief, within reason, and aim for the highest standards with relation to its discipline.

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